Site Update

My new mobile-first, responsive website

I have now completely revamped my website, better representing the skills and technology that I use for my work.

What’s new?

The site has been rebuilt from scratch as a mobile first, responsive, single page application using Angular and Node. All data is powered by a unified API empowering the content on-demand.

Shown below, the portfolio content on the homepage is dynamically laid out as triangular grid using HTML5 technology (the Canvas API). Work updates are automatically slotted in with minimal effort. Clicking the image preloads the work with more info fading in when it’s ready.

There’s a blog used for posting about my travels, development articles, design & experiments. It’s designed with a magazine layout in mind with emphasis on cover photography.

Designed primarily to showcase my work, I also have added in a few fun features. These include showing what music I am listening to in realtime, an interactive direct feed from my flickr photos (with a shuffle button!) and more :).